Introduction: A Quest for the Ages

I have been on a quest these past three decades, searching out answers to many questions. What is faith? Does God heal? What are visions and how do I see? Are my dreams from God?  As I positioned myself for understanding, I was ambushed by the Holy Spirit with an unexpected question directed at me. Is it possible to relate with God face to face? Not only did I find out the answer is yes, I learned it’s an encounter which is both sustainable and intentionally accessible.

I’m uncomfortable putting this out there as it brings a sense of vulnerability which I don’t like. But I’m convinced there’s more to our Christian faith than we’ve traditionally experienced. I think there may be someone reading this who’s asking the same questions I was. So I need to push through in spite of myself.

I’ve found now many others walking in similar and even greater expressions of the Kingdom of God than I am. So I know I’m not alone. There’s a movement growing within the Body of Christ, where His people are discovering layers to what’s turning out to be one of the greatest of adventures in their walk with Christ.

For me, one practical layer emerged the day I understood how God speaks to me through my dreams. It was a turning point in my life and my perceptions of the Kingdom spirit realm. It became the launch pad, an easy starting point, to other discoveries.

I began to uncover an absolutely vibrant and exciting aspect of connecting with God. My commitment to understand my dreams helped to strengthen other spiritual muscles too, resulting in an increased sensitivity to more aspects of the spirit. I was actively exercising my faith every night and my spirit man was growing stronger.

Traditionally, we as a church, or at least how I’ve perceived where I think the church’s stance is, have strongly steered away from a more mystical expression of relationship with God. I think because we mostly haven’t understood it. Also, a great many people who’ve typically pursued the mystical and spiritual realms have been those who don’t believe in Christ as the Son of God and pursue spiritual encounters that are apart from Christ.

We understand that spiritual experience not guided by Christ is a dangerous prospect. I think because of this, we’ve feared it and rather than tear it apart to understand how God sees it, we’ve deemed any mystical expression as something to be avoided. In the process we lost out on an important expression of Christ’s love for us and cut off pathways he intended to use in drawing us into deeper intimacy.

The Bible contains a significant number of documented testimonies of men, women and children having other worldly encounters with God and His Kingdom, including Christ himself, who’s our example. We’re on a journey of rediscovery of relational skills which are spiritual in nature and intended by God for the purpose of us knowing Him better, rather than for just attaining spiritual experiences.

Jesus related his kingdom to being like a man who found a buried treasure. He reburied it and went away to sell everything he had so he could own the land and the prize he’d seen. In everything I share with you here, I can’t help but feel I’ve discovered buried treasure. But seeing is just the beginning of the matter, not the end. Now I’m learning how to sell out and take possession of it, so I can operate out of the riches of what it provides.

My pursuit is to know God through Christ.  He’s my prize, not spiritual experience. But it just so happens to be, He’s in heaven. I’ve learned I can experience going there, where He is and commune with him as one would commune face to face with a friend.

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