Kingdom Encounters: A Contemplation on Faith in Practice: Part 3

There are many experiences I could choose from to share, but in this post, I’ll talk about just a few of the encounters I’ve had with the Kingdom of God. The most recent interaction of which I’m aware, happened about three months ago. I say “of which I’m aware”, because I believe they happen to all of us often, but we go unaware of them.



In fact, let me back up even more than three months, to the early part of 2018. At some point, I started to become very sensitive to the presence of angels around me. I could sense them in my home and in church. It’s hard to explain. Even though I couldn’t see them with my physical eyes, I could see them with my spiritual eyes. I was aware they were there and at times I could see what they were doing. This went on for several months, leading up to the encounter I want to share here.

I was doing yard work and somehow, really tweaked my back pretty good. The next week, with more work that had to be done, I spent a couple hours at it again, further exasperating the pain. It was at times excruciating and took my breath away. Even to do simple things such as getting up out of my chair, or out of bed during the night, I could barely stand up straight.

One night, about three weeks into this painful struggle, I awoke in the night to use the restroom and was immediately aware of an angel standing at the foot of my bed. Again, I couldn’t see it with my physical eyes, but the sensing of it was so strong, I could see it in my minds eye. I struggled out of bed and was hobbling past where this angel was and I heard it talk to me. Not with my ears, but perceptually I could hear it inside.

“What’s wrong with you?” the angel asked.

I reached with my hand and using my thumb, pointed out where my back was hurting. I quickly explained how I tweaked it doing yard work. I continued on to the restroom and then hobbled back past the angel and climbed into bed. A picture popped into my mind as I lay there falling asleep, of this angel touching my back where the injury was.

The next morning, as I stepped from bed to get ready for work, I was taken very much by surprise, to find the pain completely gone. There was nothing. I could stand, walk, etc… and there was just no pain anywhere. I remembered the angel encounter during the night and realized it must have been some sort of healing angel that was sent by God to touch and release me. The pain was gone and has never come back.



Many of my blog posts talk about seeing in the Spirit, which implies the visualization of pictures and images. Cause we’re seeing, right? But I also have pointed out in another post, that seeing in the Spirit can be much more than the revelation of visual elements. It’s really about perceiving in the Spirit. And perceiving, sensing, discerning, etc… is every bit valid and powerful as what we think of when we use the word seeing. We are spirit beings made in the image of God and we function as such, engaging our Father’s Kingdom along side of what we perceive in the physical realm, because we are also physical beings at the same time. We live and exist in two worlds. All of us do.

Now that I’ve become more connected to this idea and am being transformed by renewing my mind to thoughts of His Kingdom and the reality of my interaction there, I’m getting more sensitized to the spiritual aspect of who I am in Christ. Therefore I’m perceiving and recognizing more, of what’s always been there.



Several years ago, early on in my new found relationship with Christ, after a momentary time which I refer to as my own personal dark ages, where I struggled to connect with God and began to really question my faith (see my post, A Crisis of Faith Leads to My First Encounter in Heaven), I was driving on the interstate which cuts through our city, on my way home from work. As I neared a place known as Motor City, It seemed I was no longer in my car, but somewhere else. Physically, I was still in my car of course, but spiritually, I think, I was in Cleveland, Ohio, in what was then known as Jacobs Field, the home of my all time favorite baseball team, the Cleveland Indians.

I stood there in the stadium looking across into right field. I heard the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd, as Grady Sizemore, of the Indians at that time, hit a home run. Then I was back in my car still headed north towards home.

It felt like a day dream, but at the same time it also seemed to be more. Whatever it was, I found it actually startling. It was somehow different than anything ordinary. To the point I kept saying to myself, “What on earth just happened!” Honestly, it’s really hard to figure out or describe. I was clearly seeing and hearing both locations at the same time.

As I settled down internally, I started to think about the Indians schedule. I knew they were playing the Minnesota Twins, but they were playing in Minnesota, not Cleveland. But this encounter, whatever it was, was definitely Jacobs field in Cleveland. So something didn’t seem right there.

My next thought was, “If this really happened and I did go to Jacobs field, why would God take me there, to a baseball game? I mean, if God really were to take me somewhere in the spirit, wouldn’t there be more of a spiritual significance to where I went? There’s nothing spiritual about baseball.” I immediately heard a response in my spirit, so clearly, “I’m showing you the possibilities.”

It’s ends up as quite interesting to me it was baseball. There actually is significant meaning in that symbolism as I have come to learn the spiritual dream language which God has been teaching me. But at the time this happened, I didn’t have the understanding which I have now. All I knew at the moment was he was showing me the possibilities.

After dinner, we were watching T.V. as a family and a sports ticker was scrolling across the bottom of the screen. I started to watch for information about the Indians. It started to flow across the screen. To my amazement, I learned the game was not in Minnesota as I had supposed, but in Cleveland. And Grady Sizemore not only hit one home run, but two in that game. The timing of the game coincided exactly with the time I was driving home and had this most unusual experience. It was all very surreal.



Another morning, my phone alarm went off, waking me. It had been a restless night and so I went to the couch in our family room, so I wouldn’t disturb my wife’s sleep. As my alarm sounded, I immediately sat up to find myself standing in a mountain meadow, overlooking a great valley and looking towards the mountains on the opposite side.

At this time of my life, I had already experienced several visions like this, which I refer to for lack of a better way to describe them, as “3D” visions. Ones that go beyond what is dream like. This was three dimensional like I experience in every day waking life. I was in the midst of it and was very much aware of myself here in this meadow, while at the same time very much aware that I was sitting on the couch in our family room. The difference here though was the other visions only lasted maybe ten seconds and this one now was getting close to a minute and showed no signs of fading away.

My eyes were closed still and I knew if I opened them, I would most likely lose the vision. But the problem was, my alarm was blaring and was quite annoying. I have thought about this several times now and wish I had shoved my phone under the couch cushion or turned down the volume. But it didn’t occur to me at the time.

I reached over to the table where my phone was and picked it up. My eyes still closed, I started swiping across it to try and find the shut off. But it kept on sounding. I was getting irritated. I needed to shut if off, but if I opened my eyes, I felt I’d lose the moment.

So here I am staring across this beautiful meadow and valley, trying to figure out what to do with my phone. I thought, I’ll just open them for a second. Just long enough to see the shut off and activate it.

I did it. Alarm off. Eyes closed again. Vision lost.

Oh my, the disappointment. This was the most unique vision encounter I’d had and I screwed up and lost it. Why didn’t I just ignore and endure that stupid alarm? But now that it was gone, I also rejoiced in having had this most unique vision encounter to date. There was no understanding from the Lord of anything specific about the vision’s meaning. But what I did understand even more from this experience, is our spirit man is always engaging with the Kingdom.

We don’t usually perceive it during our waking moments physically, because while we’re awake, our soul engages with the physical. But sometimes I’m finding this awareness from my soul, of both realms at the same time. This also happened in scripture too where during waking moments, normal people entered into supernatural visions taking place in the spirit. Sometimes others around those having these encounters, could partially perceive it as well, though not to the same extent as the one going through it.

When we sleep and the conscious side of us shuts down, our soul connects to or becomes aware of the spirit and that’s why we can have kingdom centered dreams and encounters. I think that when my alarm went off and I sat up, my soul was still connected to the spirit and somehow was able to keep that connection even though the physical part of me was now awake. My soul was fully connected to both realms and thus why I was perceiving both at the same time.

I believe this is a part of who we are and also a skill the Lord wants us to learn. I believe it’s possible to train our soul to tune into our spirit even when physically awake and at the same time see what it sees. Come Holy Spirit and teach us, we ask in Jesus’ name.



I can go on with other testimonies here, but instead, I will save more for later, as I continue on with this discussion of “God’s Kingdom Outside the Box”. In summary, you’re the same as me. You are spiritual and you are physical. God has made you this way and you have the ability to connect with him.

There is spiritual and dream language unique to your relationship with Him which he desires to teach you. But you must take the step towards him, first by putting your faith in Christ. Believe he died for you, to take the punishment for your sins upon himself, so that you could have eternal life. But eternal life isn’t only about our gaining access to heaven when we die.

It results in us being grafted into a royal family and priesthood, right now, while we are very much alive. We are translated into a better kingdom, right now. By what Christ has accomplished, we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm, right now. Read about this in Ephesians, chapter one.

We become part of a story where we get to play a vital part in the governmental administration of our Father’s Kingdom, even while still walking, talking and breathing upon this physical earth. We are a new creation, right now, in him, learning and moving towards the manifestation of our new selves, as we submit to him and walk out our amazing transformation.


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